Listen to what my clients have to say about their experience.

Susan G Komen
“When Susan G. Komen San Diego needed to be rebuilt, Marsha helped me create the right team to move us forward. She has an amazing ability to sense each person’s special talents and fine tune the organization using those strengths. She’s a strategist, advisor and orchestra leader, all rolled into one.”

– Laura Farmer-Sherman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Susan G. Komen San Diego

“I’ve worked with many different consultants over the years. What makes Marsha unique is that she is incredibly insightful and refreshingly honest. She listens to understand, not respond. She “sees” the problem and works side-by-side with you to execute the strategy.”

– Wendy Burk, Chief Executive Officer, Cadence Travel

Inheriting Wisdom
“Marsha’s keen insights about our business led us to reorganize the team in a way that played to each individual’s strengths. Her passion for helping others and her positive outlook make it possible for people to receive feedback without feeling judged. With a gentle touch, Marsha opened our eyes and redirected our energies.”

– Dr. Carolyn Weiner, Co-Founder, Inheriting Wisdom

Jewish Family Service
“Marsha has mastered the StrengthsFinder tools and instruments and is highly skilled at interpreting the results. Plus, she had keen insights. Without Marsha, we wouldn’t have noticed that two of our staff members were in the “wrong seats on the bus.” By switching their jobs, we gave these individuals the opportunity to fully utilize their strengths.”

– Michael Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Family Service of San Diego

“Marsha’s honest, direct approach is a good fit with the 2-1-1 culture. She facilitates healthy, honest conversations, and drives us to move things forward. Marsha is passionate about her work and it shows in everything she does and delivers.”

– John Ohanian, President and Chief Executive Officer, 2-1-1 San Diego

Marsha Friend-Berkson Consulting Individual Client

“With my graduate studies nearing completion, it was time for me to launch my new career. I was finding job interviews challenging because of my lack of technical expertise in certain aspects of my “dream job.” I reached out to Marsha for coaching. Guided by the StrengthsFinder Assessment, we examined my past successes and reframed my story to highlight my talents and abilities. I can’t believe how comfortable I’ve become talking to potential employers.”

– Seth Middleton, Director of Client and Business Relationships

Survey responses from JOFEE Fellows Strengthsfinder Workshop

“Thank you so much for all your spunk and personalized info and guidance!!! My biggest takeaway was to love my strengths, and recognize and be aware of my basements.”

“I thought it was really revealing in what I best and what I desire to do, especially in the context of my current work environment and what I want to do in the near future. I hope this workshop enriches my vocabulary so I can place myself in positions of success.”

“I am owning my strengths and feel more powerful in my sense of self. I understand with more clarity how I walk in this world distinct and special from all others.”

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