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By Angela Davenport

All my life, others have trusted me to get things done. Dependable and loyal are words that others repeatedly have used to describe me.

I enjoy being known as a person who keeps her promises, who follows through on every commitment. I do not like to disappoint others. I always give my best. I take personal ownership for everything I do, and I value the trust this creates with others.

I love my Responsibility theme, yet over the past few years, this talent has created a great deal of inner turmoil for me.

As my career advanced and my responsibilities as a mother of three young children increased, I wanted to do it all — excel at work, volunteer for the class party at school, contribute to the bake sale, and be a great wife and dear friend. Unfortunately, I found myself sacrificing my well-being to fulfill commitments to others. Even though I have a deep commitment to my physical well-being, I saw myself slowly losing ground on reaching my goals. It was becoming more and more difficult to ?find time? for my workouts. They were inconsistent or nonexistent at times, and I started to feel out of balance.

Then one day it hit me: I never let my commitments to others slide, and I must do the same for myself so I can be the best mother, wife, employee and friend I can be. That realization shifted my entire perspective. I needed to put the ?I? back into Responsibility. So I told myself, ?Honor your physical well-being commitments and goals the way you honor your work commitments.?

The Responsibility theme is all about honoring external commitments, so making a promise — even one to myself — greatly increased the likelihood that I would deliver. So I began adding my workouts to my work calendar, and I honored those appointments with the same commitment level I placed on my work-related responsibilities. Once I began this new routine, rather than feeling out of balance, I found a beautiful rhythm in my life. My stress levels went down, the joy I felt in my life went up, and I surpassed well-being goals that I never imagined I would achieve.

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